2PlySwing is 100% devoted to sharing Swing Era dancing with you!

We will provide you with 15+ years of experience in:
teaching, dancing, performing & competing.

All assistants and instructors have gone through extensive Teacher Training with Joel. He has done this for numerous dance communities all over the world. Know that your 2PlySwing instructors have been trained to:

1. Have fun!
2. Dance more - talk less
3. Challenge and be supportive
4. Focus on quality of movement versus moves

You WILL experience a huge difference compared to anything else offered in San Diego.

Pricing for 2PlySwing classes:

If anyone wants to do more than 2 classes for a given month, it is recommended to purchase the 2PlySwing Punch Card.

Punch Cards can be used for ANY 2PlySwing weekly class, Hep Spot classes/dance or private lessons.
The value of each "punch" used is $10. The Punch Card can be used for 12 classes within 3 months from date of purchase. Any remaining classes/"punches" on the card are void after 3 months from date of purchase.

To get your own 2PlySwing Punch Card you can visit the online store or buy one at any 2PlySwing class or Hep Spot dance.

$50 1 class for 1 MONTH - if monthly setup $12.50
$90 2 classes for 1 MONTH - if monthly setup on the same night $11.25
$120 2PlySwing PUNCH CARD Good for ANY 12 classes in a 3 month period $10.00 ***BEST DEAL***
$15 DROP IN to any 1 class (1hr) $15
$25 DROP IN to any 2 classes (1hr each) on the same night $12.50
$30 DROP IN to any 3 classes (1hr each) on the same night $10
Varies 8 - week intensive series: $100 for first 4 leaders & first 4 followers $120 for next 6 leaders & followers Varies