2PlySwing Can Provide

We offer classes and performances teaching your students the historical, cultural & physical importance of dance focusing on the Swing Era (1920s - 1950s)

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what The Hep Project is all about
& how to bring it to your school!

- History of Swing program - see THE HEP PROJECT

- Workshop for a class or multiple classes

- Week long educational residencies

- Physical education classes

- Choreography for show choirs

- Any program tailored to your individual needs
(music, fine arts, phys-ed, or history)


Typical school involvement is an all school assembly and or classes:
(we understand that schools are on strict budgets - rates are negotiable)

Rates: Please contact JOEL at (619) 347-9366
Time: Varies based on program offered

Schools We Have Worked With


Ocean Beach Elementary
Keeler Middle School
Horton Elementary - assembly and 6-week program
San Deguito High School

Ohio Arts Council 2 week Residencies:
ADENA Schools
Students with mental/physical challenges

Akron University Summer Dance Camp
Barberton High School show choir
Chardon Elementary
Hambden Elementary
Lake Erie College
Medina/Brunswick City Schools fair
Parkside Elementary
Solon Elementary and High School

Northern Ohio Jazz Society Road Show:
Tri C Eastern Campus
Tri C Metro Campus
Roxboro Middle School
Lakeland Community College
Canterbury Elementary
Scheffield Middle School
Roxboro Elementary
Hayes Elementary
Noble Elementary
Gearity Elementary

Kids Jumping

Comments By Teachers & Administrators

Very well documented - I thought that explaining the Charlston's part in
the development of swing very interesting - I loved it!
– Lynn Slater, Teacher

They held everyone's interest K-5 for 45 minutes.
Knew exactly how to present the material
– Julie Lustic, Teacher

We were studying the Harlem Renaissance as a school wide
theme, they tailored the program to meet the school's focus.
The artists "spoke" to the audience. They used different
medias to demonstrate the era.
– Sharon Post, Teacher

Very energetic! Students were able to see the origins of many
current dances.
– Mrs Ware, Teacher

The students were very engaged by the dancing and music.
The students loved to try some of the dance steps themselves.
– Caroline Zinamon, Teacher

The children really seemed to enjoy the program and they
enjoyed participating in the "group dance". The presenters
were engaging and they danced well. Seeing film clips of
dance from early periods was good.
– Mrs Kankaska, Teacher

Not too much talk or theory, not too short on background - just right!
Lot's of audience participation, presenters handled the students, related to them,
and did a quality presentation
– Renee Harrison, Principal


Teaching the high school students Jitterbug on Catalina Island