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Introducing San Diego's premier performance group - The Hang Ten Hoppers!

If you are interested in performing or are in need of Swing Era performances at an event, you have come to the right place.

The Hang Ten Hoppers specialize in all the dances from the 1920s to the 1950s and can offer everything from social dancing, to lessons, to a choreographed show based on your needs.

This group prides itself on education and social dancing with all levels – especially beginners. Performances around town are aimed at sharing the joy of Swing Era Dancing with the public which includes:

* Lindy Hop
* Charleston
* Balboa
* Collegiate Shag
* Jazz Movement
* Blues
* Aerials

If you are a dancer and not interested in performing, the Hang Ten Hopper program is still for you.

The 6:30 class is for all levels where we will work on mastering swing era movement.

The 7:30 class will focus on learning the classic routines. All levels are welcome but knowing the basics of Lindy Hop, Jitterbug and Charleston is recommended.

The 8:30 class is our performance group "The Hakus" who train hard to learn advanced choreography. They are pushed to learn at a much faster pace than the other groups.

There is a rich history to these dances and all of it is shared in the classic routines that every Swing Era dancer should know.

Do you want to become a Hopper?

Then click on the link below to find out all the Swing Era dances and routines you can learn as well as what our expectations are for our members:

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Interested in having the Hang Ten Hoppers perform at your event?

We have been hired to perform at Corporate Functions, Award Galas, Fundraiser Shows & more!

We have provided choreographed routines, dance lessons or just got the party started by social dancing with your guests.

Let us know how we can be helpful.