At 2PlySwing, the emphasis is on high quality instruction versus competitive placement, yet we have our share of accomplishments.

Joel has competed and placed at the following major events:

American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC)
National Jitterbug Championships (NJC)
American Classic Balboa Championship (ACBC)

Here are the true accomplishments - THE WHO, THE WHERE, THE SCHOOLS, THE PERFORMANCES - see why this is important for YOUR dancing. Click on the buttons for more details in each area:

Joel - Countries Poster


Joel has learned from many instructors and continues to attend workshops and have private lessons with mentors - this means that he is up to date with current trends and information for YOUR classes in San Diego.





Don't just take my word for it - here's feedback from a dancers that sum up my teaching style:

"I’m not sure where you get your energy, but if you could bottle it you would be a rich man!"

I really enjoyed your teaching style - you made the classes entertaining and not in any way discouraging. Thank you so much! Hope to see you and dance with you again in the near future."

"I wanted to thank you for your workshop this past weekend. I’ve been to a lot of workshops and I’m not typically a big fan of them. Yours, however, has been head and shoulders above the rest. Your instruction and insight were not only applicable, but were also adaptable, challenging, and clear. The pacing kept things moving along without overwhelming the attendees. The actual covered material was fun and useful.

You expertly walk that fine line between energetic enthusiasm and irritating glee. Your passion comes across as true and real - never annoying, never frustrating, and certainly never dull. Your presentation made me want to smile and think, but more importantly, it made me want to dance better."


Please keep in mind that placing in a competition means that the judges were watching at the right time. Not placing in a competition means nothing - it's sharing your creativity and joy of the dance that is important.

Joel does not compete anymore but judges at many event competitions. Check out the impressive list of what he has accomplished. For local dancers wanting to go into this area of Swing Era dancing, Joel can help train you to do what judges are looking for and give you those tips to get noticed in a Jack & Jill, Showcase, etc.

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