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Introducing San Diego's Premier Performance Team...

We are getting more requests for performances at private parties, community events, weddings, and will soon be working with San Diego schools. Would you like a chance to join in sharing the excitement?

Looking for ANY committed dancer that would like to be part of a group that prides itself on social dancing with all levels, sharing the joy of Swing Era dances, and ready to be challenged on a weekly basis. Members are encouraged to continue to participate in classes and other performance groups.


Veterans Museum & Memorial Center

2115 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101
Plenty of FREE parking available


Collected on the first Tuesday of each month
Payment options available:


$15 - Any 1 class
$25 - Any 2 classes
$30 - Any 3 classes*

* Must be approved by Joel to drop in to Level 3


$50 - Any 1 class for the month
$90 - Any 2 classes for the month

$120 - 3 months for any 1 class


Buy a 2PlySwing Punch Card in the STORE or at the beginning of class for $120 and you get ANY weekly 2PlySwing class for only $10!

Fees may be higher if guest instructors
are brought in from out of town


$70 - Specialy monthly fee for advanced
performance group, includes all 3 classes


The Hang Ten Hoppers meet on Tuesdays at the VMMC in Balboa Park

For details on topics covered and specific dates see the CURRENT SCHEDULE

All Levels
Mastering Swing Era Movement

All levels: Basic knowledge of Lindy Hop,
Jitterbug & Charleston recommended
Classic Routines

Level 3 (Hakus Performance Team)
Advanced Technique & Routines

Joel teaching Hoppers


1. Perform at community requested events

2. Fulfill performance requests (corporate, weddings, etc) Payment from gigs
will be shared with those that perform.

3. Learn a new routine every 2-3 months, with an emphasis on having a solid
grasp of the "Classic Routines"

4. To continue learning from various teachers and performing with other groups
in San Diego & SoCal while maintaining a humble attitude
(leave your ego at the door for any Hopper endeavors)


1. Be ready to learn, work hard and be nice to you ego on Thursdays

2. Arrive 15 min before rehearsal time to warmup your body & mind to be ready
to dance

3. Have a solid understanding of Lindy Hop and Charleston

4. Swingout to at least 200bpm without any issues - we will perfect this

5. Be prepared to learn and love Balboa

6. Have the Classic Routines* solid as we will use these as "easy go to" routines
and warmups - These are the historic building blocks for the complex routines
we will be working on


8. Continue to take classes in SD and work with other performance groups if

9. Promote ALL Swing Dancing in San Diego

10. Dance with ALL LEVELS and encourage them to join us

* The Classic Routines include:

  • Shim Sham
  • Dean Collins Shim Sham
  • Al & Leon Shim Sham
  • Tranky Doo: Spirit Moves
  • Tranky Doo: Frankie Manning
  • Big Apple
  • CA Routine
  • Lindy Chorus
  • Stops Routines (I, II, and III)
  • The Madison
    • If you do not know these; please take one of our other classes offered, purchase a DVD, or sign up for a private lesson.


      *** GROMS – Level 1 ***

      • Shim Sham
      • Lindy Chorus
      • Stops I
      • Madison
      • Swing Era fundamentals executed at 175+ bpm

        • Lindy Hop (Swingout, Open Swingout, Circle)
          Side by Side Charleston (kickaway, hand to hand, kickaround)
          In Line Charleston (pushout, leader front, both turn

          *** WAENAS – Level 2 ***

          • All Grom material executed at 200+ bpm
          • Continued Swing Era Fundamentals
          • Solo & Couples 20s Charleston
          • Balboa & Bal-Swing
          • Stops II
          • Dean Collins Shim Sham
          • Tranky Doo: Spirit Moves
          • CA Routine executed at 210 bpm
          • Big Apple executed at 210 bpm
          • After Seben Shorty George Sequence
            • *** HAKUS – Level 3 ***

              • All Grom & Waena material executed at 225+ bpm
              • Continued Swing Era Fundamentals
              • Collegiate Shag
              • Al & Leon Shim Sham (improvisation)
              • Tranky Doo: Frankie Version
              • Stops III
              • One Man Dance
              • Be fit for aerials, lifts, and drops

                • *** Aerials not mandatory