Use the following playlists to "practice, practice, practice" the Swing Era dancing you learn with 2PlySwing. We have provided a variety of tempos for each style. If you have any questions about genres, bands, songs, etc please contact us - enjoy!

Get that Lindy Hop basic rhythm solid by praciticing with these tempos

Now you gotta move those feet faster! Stay low and bend those knees...

When tempos get higher it's time to use more advanced rhythms for your Lindy

Balboa is usually danced to faster tempos - precision with the feet is key!

Charleston is the grandparent of the Lindy HOP so get those feet off that floor!

Jitterbug has moves that are ideal for Jump Blues and 50s music

Electro Swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with electronic dance music

Blues will help you with your dance connection and feeling the music...