2PlySwing offers an energetic, multi-media performance sharing the historical, cultural, & physical importance of DANCE focusing on the Swing Era (1920s-1950s). This assembly offers an appreciation of African American influences in music and American history, while preserving the art of Swing Dancing (America’s true folk dance).

The interactive nature of the program fosters kinesthetic awareness and exposes students to jazz music and dance.
The entire audience is involved throughout the presentation with physical movement and engaging video clips.


We want to share the joy and history of Swing dancing with students of all ages.

We want to provide swing scenes with a program that will offer a new lifeline for their classes and events.

We hope to contribute to the longevity of Swing Dancing.


For individual schools (any age level):

- An interactive, fun assembly
- Teach American historical culture
- Expose students to jazz music and dance
- Teach students a skill that can be used for a lifetime
- An introduction or conclusion to a cross curriculum study in:

  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • 1920s through 1950s
    • For your local swing dance community:

      - Bring more students and dancers to your scene
      - Bring younger generations into your scene
      - Promote your local classes
      - Promote your local events
      - Have a program you can use at schools in the future

The Assembly Includes


Typical scheduling for tHEProject is a Friday assembly, and Sunday class associated with a weekend workshop
(hours and rates are negotiable):

Rate: Please contact JOEL at (619) 347-9366
Time: 1 hour at the school, 2 hours for the Sunday class
Other: School or Promoter can pay for the Friday assembly