Full listing of classes/topics we can offer you: (if you don't see what you want to learn listed here, contact us!)

Balboa - Beginner Get started with this 1930s Southern California original. A close connected dance with cool shuffly footwork.
Balboa - Intermediate You can now build on the fundamental patterns - you should know Throwouts, Lollies, Crossovers & Pop Turns
Balboa - Advanced Concepts It's time to get crazy with your Balboa! We'll throw some fun & challenging moves at you
Blues Dance to those slower tempos and focus on great connection, quality of movement & musicality
Charleston - Beginner Focusing on Lindy Charleston doing primarily Side by Side, Hand to Hand & Back / Shadow Charleston
Collegiate Shag This is a very energetic & aerobic dance. Get hopping all over the floor with some great Shag steps.
Hang Ten Hoppers - Level 1 & 2 Focusing on Classic routines and Jazz Movement to develop a full understanding of Swing Era dancing.
Hang Ten Hoppers - Aerials Every few months we offer a weekly class on teaching aerials, lifts, drops and tricks
Hang Ten Hoppers - Level 3 Are you ready to be a part of San Diego's premier performance team? Learn advanced choreo & get paid gigs
Jitterbug - Beginner After Swing Era Basics, this is the best class to take - learn 6 count rhythms, movements & figures
Lindy Hop - Beginner Lindy Hop is one of the most popular Swing Era dances - learn 8 count movements & figures
Lindy Hop - Intermediate Once you have the basics solid, learn more intermediate moves, add styling & music awareness in 8 ct rhythms
Rhythms Of Swing Build your social dance skills using 6 ct, 8 ct & Charleston rhythms focusing greatly on musicality
Swing Era Basics In just one month get all the basics you need to get out on the dance floor with Jitterbug, Lindy & Charleston
Private Lessons Get 100% of Joel's focus on YOU - fastest way to improve - small group rates available (contact us for pricing)
Aerials Practica Not an actual class but we provide you with professional mats & guidance

Class Locations

Classes on Mondays are located at:

La Jolla YMCA
8355 Cliffridge Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

Huge free parking lot

Classes on Tuesdays are located at the VMMC:

Veterans Museum and Memorial Center
2115 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

Located in Balboa Park with plenty of FREE parking!

Classes on Thursdays are located at:

Infinity DanceSport Center
4428 Convoy St #288
San Diego, CA 92111

Off Convoy Street in the Kearny Mesa area - parking lot + street parking

The Hep Spot classes/dance on Sundays are located at:

Tango Del Rey
3567 Del Rey Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Right off the 5 freeway near Pacific Beach - also tons of FREE parking!

La Jolla YMCA front
Infinity Dance
Tango Del Rey